We are always very proud of the work we do but more often than not, we are the agency that sits unassumingly behind a great campaign and are rarely credited for our key role in creating content for promotional activity. We try not to feel too sorry for ourselves but since the IPM has launched its COGS Awards, there is finally a platform for our work to be recognized. Thank you IPM!

And this year, we are pleased to say we won an award in our category – Partnership Marketing. Not ones to need much encouragement to warrant a good knees-up, we celebrated over a few bubbles with our team and fellow competitors. Lorna even took a rather embarrassing tumble just before the pictures were taken in front of the IPM chairman. She claims it was a tactical PR stunt to raise awareness but we think otherwise…

We hope this award is the beginning of many a great celebration of our work but perhaps we’ll leave Lorna at home next time…!

If you have something lovely to say about us, feel free to spread the word (perhaps to the IPM?!) and help us win at the COGS Awards 2013.