Total Rewards

Filling up has never been so rewarding…no, really.


How do you differentiate yourself when you are a petrol forecourt retailer? And how do you get people to spend more at a time when the cost of filling up makes anyone’s wallet shudder in fear? This was the challenge faced by Total Oil. And that’s where we came in.

The results

Over 3 years, the programme developed from a one off summer campaign in to an on-going customer loyalty programme with a member database of over 500k people. An amazing 20,000 people registered for one competition alone.

We love this not only because we worked with such great partners (a bit of flattery never hurt anybody!) but also because it offered genuine, high value rewards with recognisable leading brand names.

Total Rewards

Put simply, we developed thousands of local and national offers for Total’s customers over our 3 year partnership.

Taking part was simple: spend £30 to receive a promotional voucher complete with a URN to gain an offer credit. Register on-line to bank the offer credit and redeem the offer.

Over the years, we rewarded hundreds of thousands of customers with Empire Cinema tickets, Blockbuster DVD rental, Pizza Hut meal deals, books with Penguin, experiences with BuyaGift, sports and concert tickets with viagogo, and GreenFree golf sessions and many more fantastic offers.

Not only that, we also created and negotiated bespoke competition prizes for Total’s monthly draw which included luxury spa breaks to Greece, book give-aways, satellite navigation systems and possibly our favourite… a Renault Clio. And of course, we looked after all their lovely winners. Not to mention also setting up and managing their promotional helpline. All in a day’s work.