Win a helping hand with Kumala


Everyone needs to make time for themselves every now and then. This is something that Kumala Wines recognised and so wanted to offer their customers the chance to make the most of their ‘me time’. With so much time taken up by the practical side of life, what better way to free some precious time than with a cleaner for a year?


In all, over 16,000 games were played in the 3 month promotional period; not only a whole lot of fun but also goes to show how important a captivating headline can be.


We were able to take Kumala’s promotional budget and work it into a compelling prize fund with a £2million giveaway headline and all of this with no purchase necessary. Magic? No, just a great deal of promotional savvy on our part. Customers registered their details online and took part in a themed ‘scratch and reveal’ game. Lucky winners were notified immediately on how to claim their prize.

We created a suite of ‘helping hands’ prizes that would either free up some precious time for the discerning Kumala customer or allow them to make the very best of their leisure time. These ranged from Amazon gift vouchers, Kindles, magazine subscriptions and of course the all-important top prizes of a cleaner for a year, 25 of them in fact.