Hula Hoops

Bringing bags of Aztec talent to the stage


When you’ve got the UK’s biggest talent show as your promotional partner, it’s show time.  You are offering an amazing headline prize of a £10k Ticket to Stardom but you need something for everyone.   On top of this you need something equally as inspiring and compelling to create as much buzz as the show does.   Yes, I think we can ace this audition!  What about talent lessons?

The results

Shhh! We’re afraid the results are confidential.

Hula Hoops

Jazz hands at the ready! We recruited over 2,000 talent and sports activities such as dancing, singing, magic, acrobatics, music lessons and stand-up comedy as well as football skills and Tae Kwon-Do.

50 million promotional packs of Hula Hoops hit the shelves, each pack allowing one child a free talent lesson once they had registered on the promotional website. The campaign was also supported by a £1million TV campaign which was shown during peak times in the weeks leading up to the launch of the Britain’s Got Talent TV show.

As part of the campaign, the website also encouraged customers to upload videos of them showing off their talent for the chance to win a £10,000 Ticket to Stardom. Videos were shortlisted and judged by an expert panel. All voters were entered into a prize draw to win tickets to see a ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ live TV show or live tour show.