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Jacky Carlile

Time at Aztec:
It’s our 15 year anniversary in January 2013, wish that was my birth age too!

What do you think makes Aztec different to the rest?
It goes without saying that we always go that extra mile, care deeply about our work, look after our clients and take pride in everything we do. Day to day we just like to do the best job we can with an experienced fun group of people.

What do you like most about working at Aztec?
No day is the same, and working alongside a fun, sometimes slightly mad bunch of people we are proud to call the Aztec family.

What do you think you bring to the Aztec team?
Sadly I am now seen as one of the older members of the team and I am therefore here to share my too many years of knowledge and experience. I am also known to help keep the team’s perspective when there is a meltdown about where a comma needs to appear within artwork. My catch phrase being – ‘Life is too short!’

What are your passions?
Chinchillas of course! Sculpting, only in clay where I can afford to make mistakes. Arts and crafts, jewellery, Lindor chocolates, gin & tonic and I wouldn’t be a woman without one of my top passions being shopping & shoes!

Any pet peeves?
What, apart from Dave?! Rudeness, people who never get to the point, the phrases ‘to be fair’ and ‘we are where we are’ You know who you are!

What personality traits do you share with your pet, Millie?
Mischievous. Plus I like to get my teeth into things, come alive at night and like a long sleep wherever possible.

What are your aspirations?
To speak more than 6 words of Spanish fluently. Hibernate in the sun abroad throughout the winter, drink without a hangover and to earn enough money to retire in the style to which I have become accustomed to!!