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David Armstrong
Managing Director

Time at Aztec:
15 years.

What do you think makes Aztec different to the rest?
We care passionately for our clients and are proud that we have never failed to deliver what we were contracted to do. We provide a client service second to none built on an ethos of reliability, creativity and total professionalism. Our reputation is the key to our success.

What do you like most about working at Aztec?
We have built a family team, creating an enjoyable and friendly working environment. Where else could three guys be pampered, bullied and controlled all at the same time by a team of formidable, professional and gorgeous ladies.

What do you think you bring to the Aztec team?
Over 27 years of experience, patience and the dubious reputation of being known as “Tigger on Speed” by the Operations Team

What are your passions?
Rugby, travel, fine wines, my family and Sky Sport.

Any pet peeves?
None that I can get away with here!

What personality traits do you share with your pet, Marley?
Grey hair, inquisitive nature and I require constant attention.

What are your aspirations?
For Aztec to continue to be the UK’s leading agency in Brand Partnerships and to continue to win awards for the work we produce.