Meet the team

Welcome to Aztec HQ.

If you work here then you’re part of our family. Our people make our world go round – we wouldn’t be here without them. We’re lucky enough to say that most of our people have worked here for many years and because of this we’ve been cultivating a team of talented individuals, each of them experts in their own unique ways.
And just like any family, we love them for who they are.

We don’t put it in the job specification that all staff must own pets but by chance we are all animal lovers. As we spend so much time talking about them, we thought it only right to give them their fifteen minutes of fame. They say you can tell alot about a person from their pets, take a look below to meet our team and their pets see if you agree.

David Armstrong

Managing Director

Jacky Carlile


Lorna Chapman

Account Director

Natalie Erotokritou

Account Manager

Linda Loveridge

Finance Manager