Our Story

Welcome to Aztec Marketing, the agency that has been successfully connecting brands for over 15 years.

And we think 15 years is a big deal . Not only because it shows we must be doing something right, but it also means that we have heaps of experience and a client hall of fame to be proud of.

At the core of Aztec sit two very different people, our founders David Armstrong and Jacky Carlile. They each bring different things to be table in their skill-set and approach which means their combination of experience and expertise in our field makes them a powerful duo to work with. If you don’t know them, you should want to get to know them – they’ve more than a few stories to tell…

But Aztec HQ isn’t just made up of two colourful characters – there’s plenty more of us – each one of us just as colourful and talented in our own unique way. We are a team capable of big things and some serious multi-tasking. We are detailed to the point of obsession and can often be found arguing over the use of a hyphen or a comma – the smallest details are just as important as the bigger picture.

We know our strengths and our amazing ability to perform under pressure and because of this we are quietly confident in our ability to deliver. We are never ones to shy away from a challenge – our client portfolio and a few grey hairs are testament to that!

Because we are privately owned, we can be flexible in our approach, knowing we are in charge of our own destiny. We believe the fundamentals are simple – know your stuff and more importantly listen to what people have to say.

Understand your client and their objectives know and respect your reward partners, match the two correctly and listen to what everybody needs. This, in our experience, is the winning formula and if all else fails take some cake! It sounds simple when you put it like that…

If you would like to know more we’d love to talk to you so get in touch; we are a friendly bunch. And we were serious about the cake by the way!