Fixed Fee

£1 million of prizes to be won. Free cinema tickets. Free petrol. Free £5 gift voucher. Did that get your attention? Imagine what we could do for your customers.

“Fixed fee” 

Two words that could change your life,
promotionally speaking that is.

The beauty of this style of promotion is that you can be really creative with how you reward your customers.  This is where it gets very exciting for us and definitely you; promotions don’t come more powerful than this. If you have a set budget, we can create a unique attention-grabbing reward for your customers and ensure that your budget doesn’t go a penny over.

Every promotion is different so first things first, let’s talk. Fixed fee promotions can be applied in many ways but the fundamentals are the same; offer something really compelling, or even unusual, and we, along with our insurance partner and underwriter, will take on the risk of redemption levels to protect you from over-redemption.  Better still, you’ll know your costs upfront because we want you to sleep soundly, safe in the knowledge that your budget is protected.

The type of reward we create is, of course, down to your objectives, who your customers are and your budget.  And we’ll help you to work it out.

Need more convincing?

Take a look at our case studies to see how we’ve created high-value rewards for our clients.


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